Sep 25, 2010

Sepa Island Kep Seribu

SEPA ISLAND, Kep Seribu, Indonesia
Sept 2010

After long holiday , Lebaran festive, i was invited to join the trip to pulau Sepa. It was a Project closing after a period of busy day. Another way to loosen up, and get relax.
There is an attractive resort to visit. It takes 1.5 hours using a speedboat from Marina beach at pier XIX.

a view at pier

Pulau Sepa ( as it said in Bahasa), is a part of Kepulauan Seribu (a cluster of many island) in the area of province of DKI. Located at the north of Kep Seribu.

A Speedboat to reach Sepa Resort

Nice boat with life vest for every passenger.

Along The ride

Resort also provide cottages and regular room for visitor to choose. Others are restaurant with music, sea sport facilities such as, snorkeling, banana boat,diving, jet ski, boat rental and canoe are also available.

I heard that the price of travel package and one night stay at cottages we had ,approx 1 million rupiah/person, and arranged by an EO. Its fair price i think (haha awsome, since i was here for free).

What we found here
Meet the long tongue, Biawak the giant lizard. They loved to walk around and sneak
under the bungalow. But belive me there is no danger. They were quite shy. I take pic shot from a short distance (1 m). they just walk away slowly.

Photo Hunt

At night, They organized short and funny games played including bonfire while enjoying goat satay. We all had good time.

Soon all splited away heading their bungalow. Somes with camera were circling around looking for anything to be captured.

Its time to packed up and sail back to the City. First its just calm wave as usual but suddenly its getting a bit rainy, wave raised up and became scary for some of us. The boat speed up, fly with full power and hammering the wave. Many were vomited out. Happily i am not.

A wonderful place to visit. Place for sunrise and sunset hunter.


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