Mar 15, 2011

Museum Bahari Jakarta

Maritime Museum (Indonesia)

At the same day after visiting Pelabuhan Sunda Kelapa, i spared my time to come here, just to fulfill my curiousity. Across the Pasar Ikan ( fish traditional market), not far from the old port Sunda Kelapa. Its in the area of Jakarta Old town (Kota Tua). A short distance from other cultural heritage of Batavia history e.g.Museum Wayang, Jakarta History Museum (Museum Sejarah Jakarta), etc.

The Museum Bahari was inaugurated inside the former Dutch East India Company warehouses. The warehouses were built beside the mouth of Ciliwung River, the main river of Jakarta. The west warehouse consists of four building units, three of them are now used for the museum. These were formerly used to store spices e.g. nutmeg and pepper. Also coffee, tea and cloths were stored here before being shipped to various ports of Asia and Europe.

map of old Batavia

The museum focuses on the maritime history of Indonesia and displays models of fishing boats, traditional sailing and other maritime objects from different parts of Indonesia. The museum also exhibits the celebrated Pinisi schooners of the Bugis people of South Sulawesi, which at present make up one of the last sea-going sailing fleets in the world.

Menara Syahbandar (Tower Syahbandar)
Not far, at the path in, beside Pasar Ikan, you will find Menara Syahbandar (a Ship Control Tower) with free of charge to enter if you have Museum Bahari ticket.

Tower Syahbandar (Uitkijk) was built around the year 1839 that serves as a monitoring tower for ships in and out of the City of Batavia by sea and serves the office of "customs" which collects taxes on goods unloaded at the port of Sunda Kelapa. The tower actually occupied the former bastion (stronghold) Culemborg which was built around 1645.

be careful to step up to the top, since it looks like the tower has tilted

view from Menara Syahbandar, we can see Museum Bahari at the left side

Port Sunda Kelapa at the right side

view at the backside to the south

As a former fortress, It is said that at downstairs there is room for protection and underground tunnels with doors that can penetrate up to Fatahillah (Fatahillah or Jakarta History Museum) even a possibility up to the Istiqlal Mosque. Currently, the door to the tunnel is closed, to avoid undesirable things. Weew..

Jl. Pasar Ikan 1 , Sunda Kelapa , Jakarta 14440

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