Apr 23, 2011

Curug Luhur Gunung Malang Bogor

Bored, I suddenly got a plan browsing around Bogor. Visit some Curug (waterfall) which I heard many of them are beautiful and few people know about it unless the local communities. A friend just gave me a GPS coordinate, so why waiting. Curug Luhur, my first target. Located in desa Gunung Malang, Kecamatan Tenjolaya, Kabupaten Bogor (Bogor Regency).

HTGT (How To Get There)
I started to activate my GPS when i hit Bogor. Bogor is municipality about 60km from Jakarta. From Juanda street beside Istana Bogor (Bogor Presidential Palace), I moved forward to Kabupaten Bogor following GPS guidance.

Capturing pic using pocket cam along the way.

I saw Angkot (public transportation using mini van, often found in developing countries), serving route Ciomas to Ciapus.

I almost turned back, seeing gravel road. Sometimes the GPS route is not always a good choice.

Beyond my expectation. Water stream from mountain modified into water boom and pool.

DSLR mode

Starving and thirsty, so on the way back, we stop and rest at Saung Abah, a traditional restourant serving fish and chicken. No preservative. directly taken from a fish pond.

Fish pond

Map and Routes

Route to Curug Luhur

A -- Juanda street, Bogor
B -- Saung Abah   Coordinate:
C -- Curug Luhur  Coordinate: S6.6607200 E106.7060285

Curug luhur is about 18.6 km from Bogor.
Bogor is about 60 km from Jakarta

Route back to Bogor


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