Apr 23, 2011

Curug Sawer Gunung Sari Bogor

On the way back home, i saw sign board, "Curug Sawer, follow this route". Another Curug nearby. So, i moved on.

The road was flat and nice, surrounded by hills and farm.

Ensuring that we were on the right track by asking to local people once or twice, i ended up at bamboo hut.

After getting the entrance ticket and the gate keeper said just follow down path, the Curug is about 300 meter behind the big bamboo house uphill.

The big bamboo house uphill in distance

if you coming in not from the main entrance, you will meet secondary gate to get the ticket.

concrete and gravel mixed trail beside rice farm for easy access

This spot is managed by Global Edu Camp and used for outdoor training activities

Outdoor camp,


So fresh and pure water. Not many people knew this location


Located in Desa Sukajadi, at the foot of Mount Salak, Kab Bogor
Curug Sawer is about 11 km from Curug Luhur or about 30 km from Bogor
GPS coordinate:  S6.7068800,E106.6829493


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