Apr 9, 2011

Simple color of Mount Tangkuban Parahu

Mount Tangkuban is located between Bandung and Ciater, Subang West Java. Tea plantation spread out along the way from Ciater. Switch off the air conditioner. Its so fresh and green. Not far, the gate to Mt Tangkuban was clearly visible on the right side. Follow the route to the peak for about 15 minutes.

Green along the way.

Smell of sulfur fill the air. Its so windy and cool.

The Crater

gravel to the crater Upas

Upas Crater.
Beware of poison gas. Before dark, you must leave the area, the security guard will warn and guide you.

Another mountain visible from a distance


A = Sari Ater, Ciater
B = Ratu Crater, Tangkuban Parahu
C = footpath to Upas Crater


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