Jun 12, 2011

Air Terjun Parangloe Sulawesi Selatan

Parangloe Waterfall is located in kecamatan Parangloe ( a sub-district), Kabupaten Gowa (regency) , about 43 km to the east of Makassar, South Sulawesi.

How To Get There

That day, we headed to Parangloe waterfall. Driving through the Poros Malino street, after passing the Bili Bili Dam, the car odometer reaching 41 km, we turn left into the office complex of Forestry

We continued to drive to a place where we could park our car near a waterfall, through a rocky dirt road.

Then we realized that it was the wrong direction and decided to go back to the forest office park there.

Our local fellows had been here before but can not quite remember when they saw the trail was covered by leaves.
From there we walked into the forest about 2 km, a 45 minutes walk.

Not many people know this place, even local residents


VIDEO - Parangloe hidden waterfall
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jauh kliatannya. Ada yg nyediain tour trip kesana ga ya ?

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