Jun 16, 2012

Taman Wisata Air Panas Guci

Guci or Taman Wisata Air Panas Guci is located at the foot of Nothern part of Mount Slamet in the regency of Tegal, Central Java province, Indonesia, with an altitude of about 1,500 meters above sea level and temperatures around 20 degrees Celsius. In this place there is natural hot springs which is one of tourist favorite destination besides Baturaden (Banyumas), and Bandungan (Semarang) in Central Java.

From Semarang, visitors can use take bus route Semarang-Tegal. After arriving at Terminal Tegal, continue by public transport (minibus) to the village of Tuwel which takes about 45 minutes. From Tuwel, proceed with other vehicle heading Guci. With these vehicles, about 45 minutes at a cost of Rp 5,000
The easiest way is driving your own or rent a car.

From Tegal to Guci

Guci close map and its surounding

To go to Taman Wisata Guci, you will pass the hills, farm and plantation such as sugar cane, corn, onion and etc.

Sugar cane along the road

Bus from Tegal

sign board

easy to follow.

Guci welcome gate.

mountain and hills




GPS Coordinate
S 07.18599
E 109.15919
Elevation: 3645 ft

Entrance ticket for Weekdays:
- Adults: Rp. 5.000, incl Insurance
- Children: Rp. 4,500, incl Insurance

Entrance ticket for Holiday
- Adults: Rp. 7000, incl Insurance
- Children: Rp. 6,500, incl Insurance

Additional charge for Car : Rp.2000

Beautiful scenery from the Gate to the parking area.

Depart: 9:30 (Tegal)
Arrival: 11:00
Distance :42.58.km
Speed : Normal

GPS Coordinate
109° 9'52.14"E

There are 3 places:
• Next to the market (large vehicle)
• Terminal Upper side (for small vehicles)
• Terminal Bottom side (for truck / bus)

I planned to be here the night before to get a good picture/photo in the early morning , but cant get any hotels. I called many number i got from google, but no answer. It seems like, they(hotel) prefer booking on arrival rather than call booking.

Walking Area to the Spring and Water Fall

too crowded

One of the waterfall

109° 9'52.26"E

Hot Water Bath

In the area , there are waterfalls and hot water bath/showers
Open Hot water bath :
• Pancuran 13
• Pancuran 7
• Pancuran 5
• Swimming pool (at Hotel Duta Wisata, Barokah, Mega indah)

Waterfall (Cold water)
• Air terjun Jedor
• Air terjun sruwit
• Air terjun sigedong
• Air terjun pengantaian
• Air terjun kembar
• Air terjun awu
• Air terjun capit urang

Too bad i could'nt visit all of them. It was too crowded since i came at the wrong time.

Street Market

area surrounding; souvenir shop

a kid, snack seller waiting for buyer

dawet, a typical drink.

typical kickshaw made from fruit

Horse rental
take a walk, do hiking or rent a horse to visit pines forest nearby

horse owner waiting for customer

first riding experience made kids happy.

Take a walk up to the hill and to get a bird view


path to the hill

a hotel pool from distance

Some of the hotel in the area:
Hotel Duta Wisata
Hotel Mega indah
Hotel Bukit Indah
Hotel Permata hijau
Hotel Guci Mas
Hotel Guci kencana

some villagers work as a stone miner, they collect stone from river and sell it for living.

Nice place but only when you get there by night and wake up early to enjoy the waterfall. I plan to come back someday to capture all waterfalls.



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