Jun 11, 2011

Istana Tamalate and Museum Balla Lompoa Gowa

Istana Tamalate and Balla Lompoa were the remains of the Palace of the Kingdom of Gowa. The palace before the king moved to Benteng Somba Opu. Since the original one was buried during extinction Tamalate palace here is a replica of the original palace. Currently, it is used as a meeting place and activities of local government.

Funny and weird warning boards : "No exercise in the Bala Lompoa area , except for cockroaches"

Balla Lompoa is the original palace of Gowa Kingdom and now serves as a museum that holds the symbols of empire, such as crowns, weapons, flags, including a number of manuscripts lontara.

entrance and exit gate.

Located in the center of the capital of Kabupaten (district) Gowa, Sungguminasa , about 15 kilometers from the center of Makassar (Lapangan Karebosi). The site can be reached with city transportation; taxi, mini van and bus. With mini van, from Lapangan Karebosi destined to Sungguminasa, stopped in front of Balla Lompoa.

VIDEO - Istana Tamalate
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