Jun 19, 2011

Sea View from Hotel Pantai Gapura Makassar

Still continuing the journey in South Sulawesi, That day, we stayed at the hotel Pantai Gapura, a seaside resort across the fort Rotterdam.
What a beautiful place!!

Located near the Losari beach, at Jalan Pasar Ikan, Makassar

Pinisi Restaurant
A cool place to enjoy your breakfast and dinner. A Pinisi (the famous traditional boat of South Sulawesi) boat-shaped restaurant.

Balairate Sunset Bar
A nice place to feel the sea view.

Trans Studio (Indoor family amusement center) in distance.

Harbor Soekarno-Hatta in distance

A Pinisi boat anchored

A boat and Trans Studio in distance.

Construction is growing fast in Makassar

Traditional pier/dock that connects the people of Makassar with surrounding small islands such as Pulau Barang Caddi, Barang Lompo, Kodingareng, Samalona, Lae-Lae.
Located next to the hotel Pantai Gapura, there is a small gate adjacent to the shops. Prior to the dock, there is a bridge made ​​of wood.

Island residents use boat for everyday basic needs, such as foods, gas and drinking water supplies.

A good motorcycle shows resident prosperity, doesn't it.?

Nice Place with amazing view

Hotel Pantai Gapura
Latitute: 5° 8'12.32"S
Longitude: 119°24'14.64"E

Dermaga Bangkoa
Latitute: 5° 8'15.34"S
Longitude: 119°24'16.46"E

to be continue to..


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