Jul 22, 2011

Sunrise at Pantai Bira Timur Bulukumba

Another weekend spent on the beach. Pantai Bira Timur (Bira East Coast) is not as famous as the pantai Bira Barat (west), since only local residents with great home industry live here. No hotel but probably only a homestay offered. The east beach is not for recreational or water sport, but for the sailor.

With almost 6 hour driving with distance of 175 km from Makassar. We arrived early dawn at Pantai Bira Timur (East Bira Coast).
Latitude: 5°36'7.15"S
Longitude: 120°27'43.53"E

Facing directly to the East, is a great benefit. It means a lovely Sunrise.

It's like burned by the sun light

A spider tree, hanging on the cliff.

Cool place but slightly dirty

to be continue to


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