Jul 24, 2011

Sunday Morning at Pantai Bira Barat South Sulawesi

In the morning, its time to watch and capture peoples activity . We found kids playing "dare or not dare" game. Dare to jump in to the sea or just chicken away. So dangerous game for the sailor children.

In the same time, their parents just came back from fishing all night,

sell and trade their fish for cash money and fuel.


Breakfast at warung nasi (small traditional restaurant)  :
 boiled egg, nasi kuning (yellow rice with noodle), arem-arem or lontong isi (boiled rice and solidified in leaf roll with slices of beef or chicken meat and vegetables).


A pleasant place, beautiful coast.


Sama kayak bocah pelabuhan Bakauheni Lampung n Merak Banten. Di lempar koin loncat kelaut

iya tul, pada jago-jago brenangnya.

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