Sep 25, 2011

Colorful boats at Pantai Burung Mandi

Still in the morning after getting back from Tanjung Kelayang, we prepared quickly for Laskar Pelangi tour. It was our last day in Belitung. We've got a flight to be caught up, around 4 PM, so photo hunt must be finished earlier.

At 7:00AM ,everything was set up. we already check out from hotel, but we keep bag and everything there until the tour finished. The organizer sent their staff to pick up our stuff and delivering it to the airport, so we did not have to go back to the hotel and pick it up ourselves.

On the way to Manggar, the capital of East Belitung, we stopped at the Pantai Burung Mandi.
Located in the eastern side of Belitung island.

GPS Coordinate
2°44'34.26"S 108°15'2.98"E

Hotel Bahamas/Tanjung Pandan - Pantai Burung Mandi = 85.24 km, about 1:40 minutes drive.
From Airport approximately 68 km or 20 km from Manggar. No hotel around the beach. The nearest is in Manggar.

Because of tight schedule, we didn't spend much time but only 10 minutes to capture everything. We found colorful boats on the beach. It's so beautiful. Local people call it "Katir", a wooden boat with counterweight on both side.

a light blue boat

a red boat

a yellow boat

more colorful boat in distance

We did not know why it called Pantai Burung Mandi (Bathing Bird beach). Probably, many birds found bathing on the beach on edge of rock.
That's it, we should continue the tour.

Dont miss this place, if you plan to visit the land of Laskar Pelangi

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