Sep 25, 2011

Laskar Pelangi Tour Belitung

Laskar Pelangi is the first novel by Andrea Hirata published by the Bentang Pustaka in 2005. This novel tells the story of the lives of 10 children from poor families who attend school (primary and secondary) in a Muhammadiyah school in Belitung Island with full of limitations.

The story takes place in the village of Gantung, East Belitung. Began when the school Muhammadiyah will be dissolved by the Department of Education of South Sumatra if new students do not achieve a number of 10.

The film is full of local color Belitong Island from the use of dialect to the actors who are members of Laskar Pelangi also are children of native Balitung Islands. The shooting location is also on the island of Belitung/Billiton and its production cost IDR 8 billion (less or more USD 850.000)

Located in eastern part of the island, our first destination was Toko Alin, (one of a scene in the movie). An old wooden store.

Toko Alin (a scene location in the movie, Laskar Pelangi)

Then we moved on and stopped at a Warung Kopi (coffee shop) in Manggar downtown, not far from Toko Alin (Alin's store). Local people had a habit of drinking coffee. Warung Kopi will be very crowded on Thursday and Sunday nights. Belitung specialty coffee is usually mixed with milk.

Long time ago, tradition of drinking coffee used to be common practice by the Chinese who worked as a tin miner in Manggar. The habits at that time made a coffee shop as a gathering place for discussions about their work. Then the native people had followed this habits and making it as the part of theirs.

All the way, since there are so many coffee shops. The local government declared the town as the town of 1001 coffee shop.

Then we proceed to the original location of SD Muhammadiyah. There is no more SD Muhammadiyah in this place, but already change to SDN 9 Gantung. For the movie, the producer made ​​the replicas of the building in the front yard.

The replica was then moved to a new location as the tourist spot.

This old buildings are being repaired at the time we were there

There is a small lake on the right front of the building

and then, the time kept running up, we should be in the airport in the next hour


We arrived at H. AS. Hanandjoeddin airport just on time.

a nice sunset cloud on the flight

being landed

so fast....

and finally end.


02 51'73.8"S 108 17'11.49"E

Warung Kopi Milenium, Manggar
02 51’10.64”S 108 17'17.54”E

SD Muhammadiyah (Original Location)
02 57'54.93S 108 10'31.74"E

SD Laskar Pelangi (New Location)
02 57'49.84"S 108 9'8.65"E

Hotel Bahamas/Tanjung Pandan - Pantai Burung Mandi = 85.24 km, 1 hour,40 minutes drive
Pantai Burung Mandi - Toko Alin = 20km,  40 minutes drive.
Warung Kopi/Toko Alin - SD Muhammadiyah =26km,  40 minutes drive.
SD Laskar Pelangi (New) - SD Muhammadiyah (original Location) =5.33 km,  10 minutes drive
SD Laskar Pelangi (New) - Airport = 72km,  1 hour 21 minutes drive

Total Time : 8 hour 10 minutes
Start: 7 AM
End : 3:10 PM

In 3 days 2 nights, (Friday to Sunday),
We visited these spot:

Friday (Flight from Jakarta : 2:35PM - 3:35PM)
1.Pantai Tanjung Pendam (sunset) and Mie Belitung (culinary)

2. Pulau Batu Berlayar
3. Pulau Babi Besar
4. Pulau Burung
5. Pulau Langkuas (the lighthouse)
6. Pulau Langkuas (snorkeling)
7. Pulau Babi Kecil (Sunset)

8. Pantai Tanjung Kelayang (Sunrise)
9. Pantai Burung Mandi
10. Laskar Pelangi tour and Belitung Coffee (culinary)

Flight back to Jakarta : 4:05PM-5:05PM

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Colorful Boats at Pantai Burung Mandi


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