Sep 24, 2011

Pulau Burung Belitung

Next destination is Pulau Burung (Bird Island). The island is not a home for million of birds but there is a limestone that resembles a bird's beak. That why it called as Bird island.

Pulau Babi Besar - Pulau Burung = 2.85 km

S 02.34682
E 107.373885

There were many limestones on the back of the island which can be used as the photo object.

amazing rock  in the amazing island

who put the rock like that..? :)

the rock looks like a fish from the other side.

It is time to leave and catch the other island.
Next Spot: Pulau Lengkuas

Previous Spot: Pulau Babi Besar

Pulau Burung - Short Clip


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