Sep 24, 2011

Pulau Langkuas Belitung

Pulau Langkuas (Langkuas island) the most often visited by tourists, because there is a lighthouse that was made since Dutch era. The lighthouse is still functioning until this day to help ships, boat  passing through the island.

The journey continue from Pulau Burung to Pulau Langkuas. The journey is quite stressful because the big waves shook the boat. The wave of the dark blue sea between the islands.

S 02.321575
E 107.37155

Pulau Burung - Pulau Lengkuas = 2.65km

the lighthouse

The lighthouse tower was made of hundreds or maybe thousands of steel pieces.

10th floor

being on the top floor felt fantastic

my Garmin device said that the top floor is 85 meters high

Powered by solar cell

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Boat ride to Pulau Langkuas - Short Clip


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