Oct 1, 2011

Curug Omas Lembang

Omas waterfall or sometime called Ciomas waterfall is located in the Juanda Forest Park, Maribaya in District Lembang of West Bandung regency. About 20 km from Bandung or 3.5 km from Lembang, West Java province, Indonesia.

Closer to the entrance gate in Maribaya, Lembang rather than Gate in Dago, Bandung.

Gate Taman Hutan Djuanda at Maribaya
Elevation: 1136m

Curug Omas
Elevation: 1067m

Gate Taman Hutan Djuanda

From gate at Maribaya, we can walk through the lane as far as 1 km, or can use Ojek ( a motorcycle taxi service) for 10 thousands rupiah (USD 1.1) to the waterfall.

Omas waterfall a.k.a Curug Ciomas

We can cross the bridge on top of the waterfall to feel and enjoy the waterfall phenomenon, at the height of a raging waterfall as high as ± 20 meter. This waterfall is the confluence of two rivers and streams Cikawari and Cigulung.

In the park there are also many other places such as Lalay waterfalls, Goa Jepang and Goa Belanda, etc.
Too bad I could not visit this waterfall, because there were infrastructure improvements near the location.

Japanese and Dutch caves are closer to the other gate in the sub-district Dago, Bandung. But we have to walk through the forest park Juanda as far as 5 km or you can use motorcycle taxi service.



Pernah kesini tp dah lama, ternyata masih masih sama kaya dulu bentuknya.

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