Jun 17, 2012

Pangka Antique Locomotive

PG Pangka offers a historical tour packages as a medium of education and recreation by using an antique Locomotive made in 1927 known as Agrowisata Loco Antik (antique locomotive tour). There are short and long distance packages. Long distance tour is planned traveling around about 10 km through sugar cane plantations up to Waduk Cacaban but still unavailable up to this publication. The short one travel around sugarcane near factory.

That day, after visiting PG Pangka, we try to enjoy the short trip with an antique tourism train called "loco antik " (antique locomotive)

Pangka is a quiet and beautiful village. There are many old-fashioned houses with a large yard.

billboard for antique locomotive tourism train

antique locomotive

old carriage, made in 1927 but very well maintained

waiting for passengers..

a classic interior

2 carriages could carry 40 passengers. they can add more carriage if required.

ticket counter


Tickets for short distance RP 5000, - (USD 0.5). The distance is only about 500 meters away. They provided two carriages moving surround a small area around the sugarcane plantations. Pretty fun, especially for people who like historical value.

This antique tourist train operates only on Sundays starting at 9 am, located near swimming pool and kids playground

the loco is ready to go around

the machinist or train driver

PG Pangka chimneys in distance..

Cane Collection gate in distance

PG Pangka operates old locomotives to carry sugar cane

old , tough and well worked

kids playing and watching near gate

carriage suddenly detached from the locomotive

but that was not a big issue

the trip continues..

passing through sugarcane nursery

a kid enjoys the short trip..

trip through sugar cane plantation


GPS Coordinate


to know how to reach this area, please see the article Pabrik Gula Pangka.


It felt awesome by escaping away from congested city being in quiet village and experiencing old fashioned train.

Staying in Tegal is the best way to reach PG Pangka, Waduk Cacaban and Taman Wisata Air Panas Guci.



VIDEO - Enjoy Pangka Antique Locomotive


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