Jun 16, 2012

Waduk Cacaban Tegal

Waduk Cacaban (Cacaban reservoirs) located in Tegal Regency is a source of water for the irrigation of the population and also a tourist spot of water and nature. At the reservoir, we can enjoy the view of the reservoir, rent a boat for a tour, fishing and enjoying the typical food. This location is a fishing destination in the vicinity of Tegal regency.

Geographically Cacaban reservoirs located in three districts Kedungbanteng covers the village of Penujah, Karanganyar, Tonggara and Karangmalang. District Jatinegara district covers most Village Jatinegara, Dukuhbangsa, Lebakwangi, Capar, Padasari and Wotgalih. Pangkah District covers most of the village of Dermasuci.

HTGT How To Get There

GPS Coordinate
07 0'39.29"S
109 11'10.59"E
Elevation : 340 ft

from Tegal ~ 20km
from Slawi ~ 9km
from Guci ~ 45 km

Transportation to the Cacaban reservoirs can be reached through two paths through the Tegal Kramat - Pangkah - Cacaban with a distance of about 20 km and the other is from the sub-district of Slawi - Pangkah - Cacaban with a distance of approximately 9 km.

Due to a fairly remote location, for tourists from outside the city, the best way is use your own or resnt a vehicle and take route from Tegal or Slawi. There area less of public transportation operate into the countryside and hike up the hill to reach the location of the reservoir.

The road leading to the site is good enough for typical village road. Landscapes, fields, paddy land, farms, sugar plantations lay along the road after leaving the district Slawi.

Welcome gate with almost unreadable letters


- Adults: Rp. 3,500, - + incl Insurance Services
- Children: Rp. 2500, - + incl Insurance Services

- Adults: Rp. 4,500, - + incl Insurance Services
- Children: Rp. 3,500, - + incl Insurance Services

Reservoir Cacaban start initiated since 1914 and ​​planned in 1930 by the Dutch colonial government. Physical development started in 1952 where the laying of the first stone by the President of the Republic of Indonesia Ir. Soekarno on 16 September 1952, and completed construction in 1958 inaugurated its use on May 19, 1958.

Irrigation controller

a boat..

a fowl..

it felt like want to swim.. but forbidden.

sailing group..

abandoned boat..

- Campgrounds
- Boat Rent
- Tavern
- Hotel

- Mosque
- Toilet
- Parking Area

a hut in the island for resting..

a group of duck

enjoy the tranquility..

ducks and a boat..

There is plan by the District Government to provide and old antique locomotive transport from Sugar Plant in Pangkah, but there is no realization until now.

A modest Hotel..


The location was pretty quiet suitable to get away from all the business. Enjoy the typical fish culinary



Ini tempat sepi bgt. Baru tau ada waduk di Tegal

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