Jul 30, 2012

Handicapped Handicraft Workshop at Ho Chi Minh

If you travel to Vietnam, will see many souvenirs, handicrafts both at Ben Than market in Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi. All the good stuff was made ​​by the industry that employs people with disabilities. Government of Vietnam provide training to them, a place to work and income can support their families. One of the famous handicraft workshop location is around Ho Chi Minh City.

Travel operators in Ho Chi minh always include this location as a destination that must be visited.

GPS Coordinates : 10.879995,106.564913

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After 1972, many residents are experiencing tremendous impact of the war. War does not only take lives, but prolonged suffering for some people who have disabilities. Effects of chemical weapons been used by the Americans in Vietnam was remarkable that make the babies born with defects.

They can create amazing stuff with an amount of egg shells.

The work is remarkable and exported to foreign countries. They make handicrafts such as: Paintings, ceramics, home decoration, wooden crafts, war memorabilia, etc.

Been to this place as it gives a new spirit, seeing people as they can produce good work.

Don't miss these handicrafts to gift to your families or beloved one.

very nice stuffs.

Philosophy of government and the citizens of Vietnam, forgive but not forget giving new hope. They were heartened to forgive his enemy,  the state colonists in order to get up and go forward. But do not forget the history that has happened for their history, future defense, and self-esteem.

Deep respect to Government of Vietnam that support them.


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