Jul 29, 2012

Shooting AK-47 at Cu Chi Tunnels

Beside attractions in Cu Chi Tunnels complex, Vietnam, there is a shooting range where tourists can fire assault rifles, such as the AK-47 rifle or M16. Here you have an opportunity to use a battle proven rifles on the firing range.

From the Cu Chi tunnels complex, you can get in to the firing range. But, you do not have to go the Cu Chi tunnels in order to fire a gun, the range and tunnels are separate. It is located outside the Cu Chi complex, by walking it is 1.5 miles or take a motorbike. If you take Cu Chi tunnels tour packet, the tourist guide will also take you to the firing range.

You can choose rifles such as M16, AK-47, M1 Garand and light machine gun M60.

Make sure that you wear good ear protection. It's better to take your own ear plugs that ussually use for cellphone or ipod and wear the ones provided as well. Make sure you are prepared for the loudness of guns.

you can spend your money on ammunition for the nearby firing range. No charge for firing the weapon, but the ammo doesn't come cheap - rates are as follows:

VND 30.000 ~ USD 1.66
VND 20.000 ~ USD 0.95

Minimum packet per 10 bullets

The officer will help you to set up your gun, especially when it got stuck after several shoot.

The target was too far for me .

Let's start shoot on something. AK-47 is a favourite gun, but all worth to be tried.

How many bullets were shot here? hundreds of thousand , i guess. That's a good business in the peace time.

There are numerous souvenir shops at the end of the walking track near firing range.

For FPS gamer, this is like a dream come true since you can't find easy and cheap way to shoot a real rifle in your country.
Great fun.

VIDEO - Shooting an AK-47 rifle at Cu Chi


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